Digital Download Guide

The Blessed Life team desires to serve you better by facilitating the digital download process so that you can focus on enjoying the healing manual. Here is our guide for you.

Once you have purchased your digital download, it will take less than one minute (depending on your network speed) to prepare the link for immediate download.

Once the link is ready, you will see the title of the e-book, and you can proceed to download by clicking Download Now

Skip to Step 2 below in this page.


Additional: Email With Download Link

On top of the immediate download after you have purchased, you will also receive an email with the download link as shown below. This is to ensure that you have a copy of the link in your email. Please check your junk mail if you can't find it in your inbox.

Based on our experience, our customers who did not receive the email usually did not enter their email address at the checkout page. They entered their contact number instead. As such, the link couldn't be sent to them.

Should you not receive any email after your purchase, please contact our customer service support at One of our customer service support team members will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours.

NOTE: Each purchase is entitled to a maximum of three downloads. Please download the e-book into your computer, laptop, tablet or any other PDF compatible devices (or Kindle compatible devices if you have purchased the Kindle version) so that you can keep it as a permanent copy.

For Apple Or Android Mobile Users

You may want to first install Apple Book or Adobe Acrobat Reader app if you don't have any compatible app for PDF format.

Step 1: You will arrive at this page after you have clicked the download link from the email sent to you. Click on the button 'Download Now'.

Step 2: Your phone will suggest you to open with various possible apps. Ensure that you have a PDF compatible phone app that is already installed in your phone. Open the e-book with the phone's suggested app. Otherwise, click More to open with other apps installed in your phone.

Step 3:
 You can choose your preferred PDF compatible apps (installed in your phone) to open the e-book. Alternatively, you may click Create PDF if your phone has that option.

If you have no compatible phone app installed in your phone, you can still email a copy to your email address OR copy to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

For Kindle User

The Kindle compatible version that you have purchased is in MOBI format and is compatible with most kindle devices. If you have selected the e-book option instead of Kindle compatible version during your purchase, you may follow the following link to convert it.

Enjoy reading the healing manual filled with revelation truths! Be blessed & be healed in Jesus' name!