About Us

The Blessed Life has a passionate desire to help the world become a better place through loving people with the message of Christ and the Redemptive power that the Lord has in our lives. It is our desire to spread the message of Grace and Hope, especially to those who are contemplating on ending their precious lives.

Why is it important that we keep and share this message around the world? 

Close to 800,000 people died due to suicide every year. That is one person in every 40 seconds. What if this person saw the message of Grace and Hope? We can each make a difference to one precious life!

We are desperate FOR the desperate ones.

We want those who feel hopeless to hear about what Christ has done for them, and how much He loves them.

The Blessed Life makes it easy for anyone to share their faith by creating apparels and bracelets that will open doors to others, especially those who need to hear the message. It is a simple tool for sharing Grace and Hope.

When someone asks about the message or symbol printed on what we are wearing, we have a beautiful opportunity to explain what it means to us and the purpose of the message. A simple "hey, why are you wearing this?" could turn into a life-changing encounter for that person.

Imagine someone who is thinking of committing suicide SEES the message printed on your sweatshirt "Jesus Saves My Life", that person could pause and think, "Maybe Jesus can save my life." or "Maybe I could give Him a try." That is a radical life-saver!

The logo of The Blessed Life represents a second chance, that new life begins after knowing Christ. We were dead without Him, but now we are made alive in Him. As believers, we have been blessed with this message of Grace and Hope. Now it is our time to spread the Word.

We can't do this without you.

We need your help to do this together. Let's share this Love whenever there is opportunity to do so in our daily lives.

We also believe strongly in divine healing and health. Check out our newly released book in Amazon.