Identity Part 3: Position

A senior pastor once told me this, "If you leave this church ministry, you will no longer have the position of a pastor."


I replied, "It doesn't matter." He was pretty surprised at my reply. That's because he had wrongly tied his identity to his position.


Another person told me, "If you want to influence people, you need a higher position." This mindset reveals the same issue ------ you have wrongly tied your identity to your position.


Strip anyone off his job title/ministry position and you will find out the foundation of where he places his identity in.


If we need a position in order to influence, lead and/or serve in ministry, we fail to recognize who we really are in Christ. In the Bible, Joseph & Daniel showed us that what was possible in the Old Covenant ------ you don't need a position if you know who you are. Christ showed us what is possible in the New Covenant ----- you don't need a position if you know who you are. 


Christ IN us is the Hope of glory. This is the mystery unveiled (Colossians 1:26-27). Christ IN us is more than enough for us to influence, lead and serve anywhere and everywhere.


Your job title/ministry position does not determine your identity. On the contrary, your identity is your true position. You are sons & daughters of the most high God. That is the highest and the most privileged position. "We are seated with Christ in the heavenly places..." (Ephesians 2:6)


If we walk in the revelation of our identity in Him, there is no one we can't influence and lead, regardless of our position and title.