Blessed Life Revelations

  • Divine Protection From The Wuhan Virus

    Tune in more to the news about Wuhan and soon your shield will be knocked off. Because you are spending time hearing that news rather than the Good News found in the Word.
  • Identity Part 5: Relationship

    We enter into a relationship not to become or feel complete. No one can make you more complete than you already are in Christ.
  • Identity Part 4: Food ---- What Should You Eat?

    Knowing and realizing our identity in Christ actually protects us from the food that we eat. If we are always concerned with the food that we eat, we have placed our identity in the wrong area.
  • Identity Part 3: Position

    Another person told me, "If you want to influence people, you need a higher position." This mindset reveals the same issue ------ you have wrongly tied your identity to your position.
  • Identity Part 2: Finances

    One of the easiest ways to discover where our identity lies in is in finances. Strip a person from drawing a salary and you will find where his identity is placed in.
  • Identity Series

    In this series of blog entries, we will look at how identity is everything in life.

  • Recognizing His Voice

    Today, we have the privilege to have The Way (Jesus) in us. We can know His heart because we have The Way and thus, we can know His Way.
  • The Power Of Peace

    Peace is a powerful thing. It reveals where we are at. On the other hand, anxiety, worries and unrest also reveal where we are at, for they are opposite of peace.
  • Releasing Milk & Honey

    Every believer has the Promised Spirit within him. It is flowing from within him like a river (John 7:38). In other words, he has more than enough to enjoy and to give away to the people around him. This 'milk and honey' speaks of abundance.